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Are fair-skinned girls still prettier than dark-skinned girls in the 21st century or what?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Dark girls and attraction
  3. Embracing your natural skin tone
  4. Fair girls offended no one
  5. Fairer or prettier
  6. Dark and beautiful/Conclusion

… Fair-skinned or dark-skinned? Beauty inevitably trumps both…

I mean, this is Nigeria, and I have heard several blusters about fair girls being prettier than dark girls because their complexion supposedly gives them an edge over dark-skinned girls. No offence to fair girls, we still love you and you all will remain beautiful even in the spectrum of beauty. However, a person’s physique and facial features are what define their beauty, not exactly their complexion. You are either an attractive dark woman or you are an attractive fair woman.  Which one are you?  Truly, a fairer skin tone might draw more attention than a darker skin tone based on personal preferences but it is still unstable proof for the claim that “fair girls are finer girls” and we must establish that fair-skinned or dark-skinned, beauty trumps both skin tones.

This is the 21st century and many are still stuck with this claim because fair-skinned girls have been considered more attractive for several generations and consequently, lots of ladies have altered their skin tone on a quest to become fairer and finer.

Can you really be a dark girl “yet” very attractive?  A solid Yes. Besides, bleaching the skin is far from the act of beautification.  Bleaching does not make you finer, it makes you fairer, temporarily. We do need to get the ‘temporary’  straight. This fairness is yet accompanied by various blows like discolouration, thinning of the skin, body odour, visible blood vessels, and more horrible effects you do not want to deal with in the future.

South Sudanese women are popularly known for their dark skin, yet they hold a competitive position as one of the countries with the most attractive women (a popular belief among Gen Zs anyway). Nyakim Gatwech, Anok Yai, Adut Akech, and Anyier Anei are lovely descendants of South Sudan with very dark skin and attractive physiques. See, dark girls do rock and behind this post is a beautiful dark girl raising her dark skin flag high, you should raise yours too. Again, you do not have to be fairer to be finer. Just get your glow on with safe and natural skincare products and see the goodness of your natural skin tone.

Should I embrace my natural skin tone (Dark or Fair)?  You should! The key to beautiful skin is to cater to it with a healthy skincare product and follow a skincare routine to maintain your natural skin tone, now let your skin shine in its essence. Either fair-skinned or dark-skinned, you do not need to alter your complexion, embrace your natural skin tone and ignore the loud cymbals of “fair girls are finer girls” or “fairer girls are finer girls”.  Now ask yourself this simple question again.

Dark girls usually fall victim to altering their skin tone which ends up damaging their skin.  The complexion loses its identity, it is neither fair, dark nor in between both complexions. It is just damaged and unbecoming to the sight.  Most times the victims become regretful and torn in their decision either consciously or subconsciously.  If you are in this state presently, you can still restore your skin to its glory but this time, you must love it and take care of it like a treasure because it is a treasure.


Fair girls are not fine because they are fair: they are just simply beautiful.  Due to the false echoes of beauty being tied to fairness in Nigeria and Africa, people tend to downplay fair girls’ beauty to their complexion.  You would naturally hear comments in Nigeria like “she is fine because she is fair”. Comments like this are commonly made by women but it is just a conjecture that most people accepted without analysing the fact behind the statement.

It is untrue and has no evidence at all, certain people just lean towards fair girls which is their personal preference.  Fair girls were staying innocently in their corner and you all decided to pin them down with perplexing opinions.  Now, it seems they can not breathe properly because of the unnecessary estimations and comments.  Let the fair girls breathe, please. They are beautiful and have many things to offer than their complexion. So can we drop these comments about fair girls being beautiful because of their fair skin now? Let the fair girls in Africa be beautiful in peace!

Who sold us a lie?

It breaks my heart when I see dark-skinned girls detest their skin tone.  I honestly also do not know who sold us a lie, who propagated the fairer to be finer agenda, were we really that insecure about our complexion that we had to use harmful products that affect the health of our skin to meet the bizarre standard of beauty? These are the questions that burn in my heart when I see people altering their skin complexion. The truth is you are a beautiful woman and your complexion does not frustrate your beauty in any way. All you need to see your beauty is to accept who you are; a strong and beautiful woman

So, do you have to be fair/fairer to be fine?

Now that you have responded to this question, I’d like to say that nature has blessed the world with its goodness. Fruits are edibles and you want to find these essential elements in your skincare products. Ranging from papaya, avocado, ginger, orange, and lemon to many more natural edibles that can guarantee the health and safety of your skin for a lifetime. They are evidential natural elements that have blessed body systems and skin around the globe. Avila Naturalle skincare products contain these natural elements without a doubt. It is the perfect brand that uses variants of natural ingredients in every of their product. Jumpstart your natural skincare journey with Avila Naturalle Skincare and Food Brand. It is nature’s gift to you and yours.

Get a skincare product that will give you a glow and not a blow!


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