About Us

Avila Naturalle

Avila Naturalle recently birthed the Avilan Naturalle Foods and Supplements, a sister company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality 100% natural, healthy and nutritious food products to Nigerians and Africans at large. The company is committed to enriching lives through natural, healthy, safe and affordable foods products that are necessary for a better quality of life.

Avila Naturalle is a leading manufacturer of 100% NATURAL body care products in Africa. Since inception in 2017, the company has redefined the Nigerian body care space by promoting the health and safety of Nigerians through the encouragement of the adoption of all-natural body care solutions comprising of skincare, hair care, mouth care, foot care etc. The overall vision of the company is driven by the need to help Nigerians break free from toxic and harmful chemical-based body care products by creating a culture and an enabling environment for natural body care solutions to thrive.

At Avila, we believe that a body care company is only as good as the quality of its products. This is why we strive to ensure sustainable growth through continuous improvement in all our products in order to enrich the lives of our customers.
Creating skin and hair care products that are 100% natural would not feel right if we did not put all our passion into it. This is our secret to creating products that are not only pleasant but also powerful and effective in enhancing skin glow naturally or providing solutions to skin-related challenges.
We believe in providing the best skin care products possible. Our products are 100% natural, free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oils, colourant, petroleum and chemicals.

Our Research and Development team are well-equipped and constantly focused on the future. This allows us to stay ahead of trends, latest development and competition. We have premium quality products that care for the hair, face, body, mouth, feet and intimate areas. There is no exception to who can use our products. We have made it possible to meet the needs of everyone irrespective of gender, age, race or religion.

This is why we remain the future of body care in Africa!

We have a team of over two hundred staff. In addition to this, we work very closely with the highly dedicated farmers who harvest our ingredients under a very stringent procedure. Currently, Avila has over 3000 partners in our distribution channel which is divided into three main categories, Diamond, Major and Mini respectively.

Currently, Avila has over two thousand distributors of different cadre across Nigeria and other countries like Ghana, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Republic of Benin, Equatorial guinea and Zambia as well as Bahrain, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The company hopes to expand its distribution channels to more countries like the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sweden and across the continents of the world.


All our products are manufactured under very stringent rules and with the highest standard procedures and processes that conform to global best practices to deliver the best quality to our customers.


We are passionate about what we stand for and that is - “being purely natural.” We are passionate about excellence in our products and service delivery. Our commitment to adding value to the lives of Nigerians is unflinching.


We don’t rest on our oars. We strive to create or seek new ways to add value to our customers, and when we do, we don’t stop there. We think of how to make it better, for the good of all.


We have made it our guiding principle never to adulterate our products with harmful or toxic substances to enhance turnover rates. We go extra mile to keep our words.


We understand the peculiarities of customers’ demands and are committed to providing the right support and satisfaction to all our customers, all through their journey and experience with us.