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Avila Naturalle is a leading manufacturer of 100% NATURAL body care products in Africa. Since inception in 2017, the company has redefined the Nigerian body care space by promoting the health and safety of Nigerians through the encouragement of the adoption of all-natural body care solutions comprising of skincare, hair care, mouth care, foot care etc

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Divine Inspiration and The Audacious Vision to Inspire a Healthier and Happier World

In December 2016, whilst working in the financial sector, Mrs Temitope Mayegun, got the divine leading to start harnessing the many God-given benefits of nature to proffer solutions to the several skin health issues facing humanity. Following the myriads of skincare diseases and conditions bedeviling the human race stemming from exposure to toxic chemical substances found in many synthetic skincare products.

The Visionary
Mrs Temitope Mayegun

The Visionary

“I got the divine inspiration to start working with natural ingredients to proffer solutions to thousands of people having skincare issues. So, I conducted research in which the result revealed that a lot of people have skin issues like dark patches, sunburn, stretch marks. I also discovered that the beauty industry is saturated with non-natural beauty products that have wreaked havoc on people’s skin. Some of these chemical products contain harmful substances that are wrongly used because of the desire to have fair skin. I got the inspiration to produce natural products with no side effects on users, products with purely natural ingredients that will make them happier and their skin healthier”. – T. Mayegun

The social malaise of skin bleaching, especially in the African societies, particularly in Nigeria, has been more worrisome. Skin bleaching has been a silent epidemic in Nigeria. It is an unfortunate social malaise that has eaten deep into the fabric of almost every home in Nigeria. Medical experts have warned of an imminent increase in the number of skin cancer cases amongst other side effects of skin bleaching.
Back in 2011, a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), cited in several news media, had estimated that 77.3 per cent of Nigerian women use skin lightening products regularly. It was also estimated that 4 out of every ten women in Africa use skin lightening products, with Nigerians obviously topping the list.
Given the health threat caused by this social malaise, Mrs Mayegun set all out to ‘right’ the wrong in the society by yielding to the divine leading to champion the vision to enrich lives by changing the narrative in the industry for the sake of the future of humanity.
…and So, The Journey Began
By July 2017, the company that would later become Avila Naturalle Ltd started as Top Confectionery Ltd amid clear vision and was only able to commence operations with only five members of Staff and limited resources that produced only about N30,000 worth of Coconut Oil.

coconut oils

“When we started Avila Naturalle, the vision was clear. We aimed to promote the use of organic and natural products because of the dangers caused by chemical products. We started with just production of N30,000 coconut oil because you know coconut oil is also natural from the coconut fruit”. – T. Mayegun

The Visionary

And so, with just 30,000 worth of Coconut Oil the business started and has since grown to have over 400 products across four divisions: Avila Skincare, Avilan Foods & Supplements, Avilan Water & Drinks and Avila Fashion. The company also boasts of over 2,000 distributors across different cadres, a staff strength of over 150 dedicated personnel (skilled and unskilled) and seasoned professionals across varying fields.

For Avila Naturalle, the journey to inspire a healthier and happier world, though not easy but remains, with consistency and hard work we are getting better after day, one household after another, across territories, regions and continents we move, changing narratives, ‘righting’ the wrongs and touching lives.