In the bid to reach out to more customers, Avila has over 200 distributors in Nigeria, Ghana, and the Benin Republic. Avila has set goals to reach a defined customer base between now and 2020. This set goal will be visible and realistic in the major 5 continents. Every street in the world must know Avila; every household must use Avila. This is indeed a great opportunity for everybody to join the train of the Avila distributors.
Avila distributorship is one of the easiest and promising because when you become a distributor you own a territory to yourself.
Avila skincare will be opening in major continents in the world. Partnerships in these countries are welcome.
This is indeed a great opportunity! People have made life worth living for them with Avila. More people will still do. So never be left out.


Thank you for your interest in AVILAN WATER. We look forward to having a great business relationship with you.
Kindly read through the terms, conditions and benefits of becoming an Avilan Water Dealer.

It is expected that you start with a minimum capital of 5million NGN.

– Have a shop to store the products
– The shop will be branded by the company free of any charges.

-You will have access to company trucks to aid the delivery of your products to your sub dealers.
You may otherwise take up the optional offer of a mini van on hire purchase for product distribution.

-Sub dealers will be buying directly from you.

It is expected that you start with a minimum capital of 1 million NGN

– You will buy directly from a Major Dealer
– You are required to have a shop painted in the brand colours to store your products.
-You will be given a free signage for your shop.
– You will have shared sales reps assigned to help aid your sales and spread.
– You will be given merchandising materials from time to time.
– You are eligible to request for a mini van on Hire Purchase. Please note that this is an optional offer and it is valid while stock lasts.(Monthly installmental payments shall be required after a Grace period of 3 months)

You sell to as many retailers as possible.

-You are required to join with a minimum capital of 100,000 naira

-You get supplies from the sub-dealers within your location.

-You will be supported with merchandising materials.

What are you waiting for? Hurry now and become our dealer to enjoy all these huge benefits and more.

@Avilan Water and Drinks,
Your health and happiness are our priority.

NB: Kindly note that you will be required to sign a distributorship agreement with your assigned Major dealer.

For more enquiries, please contact
08076811439, 08120354836, 08127693839 or 08177612536.

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