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We assure you that with Avila Skincare products, your skin will glow!


100% NATURAL, Avila products are tested and approved by NAFDAC.


It revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin leaving you feeling fresh and clean.
•  It gently cleanses the skin, helping remove impurities and dead skin cells that are often related to dullness of the skin.
•  Its antioxidant properties protect the skin from premature aging and wrinkles. It helps to brighten the skin and restores your natural glow


•Mix very little quantity (a pinch or two would do) in water and bathe with the mix. It Lathers well.
Please note that rubbing the soap directly on the face without first diluting in water may sometimes cause reactions or breakouts on sensitive skin.
Leaving the soap on the skin for too long may dry out the skin. It is best to use and wash off immediately while bathing.
Note: You should always do a patch test to assess your risk for allergic reaction. If no side effects occur, you can apply to your face.


• In order to ensure the stable quality of the product, it is recommended to store it below 20°C and avoid light. If stored in the refrigerator, it may appear solidified and will not affect the quality of use.
• During use, please try to avoid touching the drip of the bottle mouth to avoid contamination of the product.

Recommended Age: at least 4 years and above

Main Ingredient/s: natural butter, castor seed, Papaya extract, Aloe extract, ylang ylang oil, water melon extract, Frankincense essential oil


Weight: 450g
Dimension: H(25.cm) W(5.5cm)


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Black Soap Melanin(450g)

Black Soap Melanin(450g)