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We have read through all the comments on our recent Instagram post titled ” What is your skin concern?”.and we promise to address every skin concern stated.


Pores are openings in the skin that release sweat and sebum, they become enlarged from the excessive production of oil, reduced elasticity as a result of skin aging, e.t.c.
Genetics or Heredity is also a cause of large-looking open pores. So in other news, the appearance of our pores is a part of our genetic makeup.
Skin scientists said we have about 20,000 pores on our faces, but their size and shape are as diverse as our bodies.
Enlarged pores can be a result of many factors, ranging from the collection of oils to dirt and makeup build-up on the skin’s surface, these impurities can easily sink into pores and get lodged there. This clog effectively stretches the skin around the pores and enlarges it.

Age can also be the felon that contributes to enlarged pores, because the older we get, the more the skin evolves, collagen production is reduced, resulting in reduced elasticity which can make pores more visible.
Then the question is, How best can one deal with Enlarged Pores? What products can we use to shrink them and what skincare routine does one have to follow?

Here are a few steps to follow to minimize the appearance of large-looking pores.

Cleansing is a very important step to start with when trying to shrink pores, cleansers help to minimize the appearance of pores, wiping off all impurities that have landed on the face all through the day.
Using Avila Naturalle Tea Tree cleanser is very effective for someone with active oil glands as it will help to prevent extra oil from getting into your pores while helping to draw out dirt and impurities.


Oftentimes the pores are enlarged due to the fact that we omit masking in our skincare routine, to minimize enlarged pores, one needs to mask a minimum of 1-2 times a week. We suggest you try Avila Hibiscus Clay Mask or any of the face masks. Avila masks will help to weed out old skin cells and oil and grime from pores, revealing a more refined-looking complexion.

3. TONE:
The power of toners for any oily skin type cannot be undermined, and most importantly should not be missing in the skincare regimen of someone with enlarged pores. Avila Naturalle Toners help to remove excess oil from the skin after you’ve cleansed, so they are an integral part of a good skincare routine. With Avila Toners, residual makeup and grime is helped out of the pores and the skin is revealed to be clearer-looking and refreshed.

In as much as one will want to avoid moisturizing the face because of the fear of sweating and causing more breakouts. Gel Moisturizers are the Best Facial Moisturizers for people with oily skin types and those trying to keep enlarged pores at bay.

The New Avila Face Gel comes in 4 variants, Rose Face Gel, Blackseed Face Gel, Turmeric Face Gel, and Vitamin C Face Gel.
They are all about helping to keep your natural oils at a good level, reducing the chances of revving up your sebum production and your pores getting clogged (and so appearing larger). The Avila Face Gel is best for moisturizing and making pores seem less visible. Enriched with natural ingredients, it helps the skin to stay hydrated for up to 24 hours, reducing the appearance of imperfections and oiliness. It is a non-comedogenic base for makeup to boot.

Go now and deal with those pores.
We hope this has been helpful.
Any questions? Please drop them in the comments section.

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