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Pimples, acne, dark spots, sunburn, eczema, hyperpigmentation and others always spring out all of a sudden as if out of nowhere, right?

Sometimes, these things are inevitable. Hormones, injuries, weather, and simply growing older can make your skin go out of control and start pumping out more melanin than it needs. But other times you may be the one making some skincare mistakes that will give you those things listed above.

Here are five skincare mistakes you make in your daily routine;

1. You’re overdoing it with the exfoliation or you are not exfoliating at all

We have had customers ask us different times if they can exfoliate every day before they take their bath. The answer is a big No. Any exfoliation longer than three times is overkill. Over-exfoliation exposes below-layers of your skin, weakens skin-barrier function, and in some cases, triggers inflammation. Products don’t work because you are not exfoliating. Exfoliation opens the skin pores to allow penetration of your skincare products. Exfoliating is a must. It helps eliminate dead skin cells that sit on your skin’s surface.

Avila Pineapple Scrub

What to do: You must actually follow a routine of exfoliating both your face and your body three times every week using Avila Pineapple Scrub, the pineapple fruit enzymes naturally cleanse and brighten your face and body by removing dead skin cells and impurities in the skin. Having a consistent skincare routine will help you achieve that glowing skin you have been wishing for.

2. You pop your pimples or touch your face too much

We understand that the pimples on your face are about to burst but popping it yourself is not the answer. Sure, squeezing can be so satisfying. But I doubt you’ll like the dark spot the revengeful pimple will leave behind. When you pop your pimples, you’re increasing inflammation. Inflammation, in turn, triggers melanin to pump out an extra dose of colour, making the patch of skin where the pimple used to be darker than the rest of your face.

Touching your face is not an easy thing to stop doing. But do you know that bacteria, viruses, and allergens transfer from fingertips to your skin when you touch your face? Your hands are the only way to transfer germs so avoid touching your face.

What to do: Exfoliate and use Avila Tea tree face wash, Neem cleanser, Black seed oil, and tea tree oil.

Avila Naturalle Products

Directions for use;

i. Wash your face with the tea tree face wash,

ii. Use the Neem cleanser to clean the face while wet, you can use a cotton bud to apply

iii. Mix a tiny drop of tea tree oil and black seed oil together then rub it in on your face in the morning and use tea tree oil alone at night

iv. Ingest the black seed oil in 2.5m quantity at morning and night.

For spots, use the Avila Naturalle spot removal set. It is a highly effective remedy that can lighten stubborn spots and help you bid goodbye to them. Avoid touching your face.

Directions for use:

i. Apply the Pineapple scrub on a damp body and massage/scrub with fingers and work your way on all parts of the body. Leave on for 20 minutes.

ii. Bathe/wash off the scrub with Turmeric and Licorice body wash. Use generously all over the skin.

iii. Get a separate container, mix equal quantity of mustard seed oil, carrot oil, and Licorice oil. Use on skin as body and face oil.

iv. Apply the spots removal cream on the affected area.

Essential oils for Massage

3. You are not patient and you also don’t stick to a routine

We understand you’re ready to get your routine started and see instant results, however, this is not the way it works! If you want to achieve clear and healthy skin, it’ll take time, especially when you are using natural products like Avila Naturalle’s. You can’t expect any product, no matter what it claims, to produce results overnight! Many factors influence skin renewal process like age factor (In babies-14 days, Teenagers-28 days, Middle age-28 to 42 days, 50+-84 days), skin texture, sun damage, genetics, smoking, and alcohol.

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What to do: Most times you overload your skin with products and it simply won’t know how to absorb it all. If you use oils and serums before bed, try sticking to oil for a few nights, then a serum for the remaining nights of the week. This consistency won’t confuse your skin and will help you work with the rate your skin takes to renew. Keep your skincare routine simple. Resist the temptation to use too many products to alleviate your skin issues.

4. You are using the wrong product

Some people are just interested in trying out new products, more like product junkies. There are a variety of products for skincare, therefore, it can be a bit hard to decide what would work best for you!

Trying a lot of different products every day won’t make your skin clear and healthy, it will do the opposite. Some people learn this the hard way. They start having breakouts and other skin related issues.

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What to do: Avila Naturalle is a 100% natural skincare brand. Our products contain organic ingredients. So, it’s best to keep it simple and stay consistent with the products you choose. Use the products correctly. When you want to take a proper bath, ensure that dirt, sweat, and grime that clog the skin pores are removed as you bath so your creams or oils can really penetrate. Also, don’t mop all the water on your skin after bathing, leaving some water on your skin allows the cream or oil to absorb better.

When you start building a skincare routine and purchasing different products, it’s important to know your skin type. When you know your skin type, you’re able to choose products that will be more effective and suitable for you.

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5.You are not getting enough water and sleep

When you don’t get enough water and sleep your skin will suffer for it. Your skin will be super dry and flaky. And we are sure nobody wants that. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll be able to tell by the quality of your skin. Dehydration has a number of adverse effects on the body, like one feeling dizzy or drowsy, bulgy eyes and having dark coloured, strong-smelling urine, dry mouth, headaches, fogginess in the head and lack of concentration.

Five mistakes made during your daily skincare routine


What to do: Do your skin that favour by staying hydrated and having a good sleep (6 hours for adults and 8 hours or more for children). Your body and skin repair itself when you are asleep. When it comes to how much water one should drink each day, drink as much as 2 to 2.5 litres per day. Since most of us spend more time in front of the screen (TV, Phones, Laptops, Computers, etc…) try to take more water. Drinking enough water will boost your skin radiance from within. It will help prevent your skin’s collagen from breaking down.

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