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Herbal teas seem to be the trend recently, because of the amazing health benefits they are purported to have.

Graviola tea is an herbal tea that is made from the leaves of the soursop fruit tree. Graviola tea is also called Soursop tea and has significant powers to prevent or treat cancer.

These have all been used for hundreds of years for their nutritional and medicinal value, to not mention culinary benefits.

In this post, we shared a number of the soursop tea benefits, a nutritious beverage with the power to be rapidly absorbed into the body with quick effects that promise remarkable results.

  1. Diabetes; The hypoglycemic properties of the soursop leaves can help regulate the level of blood sugar of a diabetic person. There are no side effects of drinking the soursop tea.

2. High blood pressure. The hypotensive propertied found in the soursop leaves are said to be an effective natural alternative to people suffering from hypertension.

3. Stress Reliever: Just like chocolate and other sugary foods, soursop leaves tea can fix a bad mood.

4. Herpes: People suffering from herpes should drink soursop tea in order to prevent outbreaks.

5. Keeps the nerves calm: So, in order to keep the nerve calm, drinking soursop tea can be an immediate and natural solution.

6. Energy Booster: Thiamine can be found in soursop leaves. This essential vitamin converts the sugar in the human body into energy.

7. Muscle cramps: Soursop leaves have potassium which prevents the development of muscle cramps.

8. Milk production: It can help lactating mothers to produce more milk.

9. Antimicrobial properties: Scientific studies show that soursop tea has the following antimicrobial properties, Antimalarial, Antiparasitic, Antiviruses, Antibacterial

10. Bone Health: Soursop leaves contain at least 25% calcium, which plays an integral part in keeping the bones strong and healthy.

Method of Preparation
Pour hot water over teabag in a teacup and let steep for 4 minutes before drinking.

Pass on the Avilan Tea Time Tradition.

Avilan Naturalle,
Radiant from within.

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  1. Well done to the good work, this are all what most people have been craving for and just get them at hand, thanks for making it affordable and something you can just get close to you anywhere you are.
    But please always indicate if a pregnant and a lactating woman can take all your tea products, and also how many times a day can one take them, or indicate if it can be taken anytime of the day. Thanks with so much love.

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