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This week we will be addressing some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Part of which is if our body butter or moisturizer can be a substitute for Face cream.

Well, it’s normal to wonder why it can’t be used on the face since it works perfectly for the body.

The skin on your face is totally different from the rest of your body, hence we advise that when it comes to the face, and you desire a radiant and smooth face, it is best to use our face cream.

The facial skin is usually thinner than every part of the body, with more oil glands and hair follicles which makes the facial skin to be more sensitive.

When it comes to face moisturizing one needs to be extra careful as the face is always exposed and more delicate than other part of the skin so it requires more protection, hence the need for face cream and also a serum.

We at Avila naturalle have face cream that is formulated just for you, coupled with our powerful serums.

So body butters or body moisturizers can’t replace face cream, kindly get a face cream.

Rosehip Face cream

  • Lemon face cream (to be used at night only)

Hydrating Face cream

How to use, spread a reasonable amount all over face /throat twice a day
For best results use after cleansing, and toning.
PRICE: N2500

Please note that our products are purely natural as we do not include bleaching ingredients. Hence, there’s a need for consistency and patience while using our products.

…we care, you glow!!!

Stay tuned as we will be addressing more questions.

If there is anything about skincare you would like us to discuss, kindly share it with us in the comment section. Questions and contributions are welcome as we will love to read from you.

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