Avilan Tea

For over five centuries, Tea has been a tradition that connects people from all walks of life. It is the ancient magic key to healthy living, the lubricant for social interaction, the soul of lovers’ bond, the depth of friendship, goodwill and hospitality. For decades upon decades, people world over have found in their cup of tea, natures best-kept secret of living life to the fullest.
We at Avilan Naturalle are pleased to bring the timeless values of the tea tradition in all its glory and grandeur to our modern-day lifestyle as a tested and trusted way of promoting healthy and happy living amongst families. From our forefathers’ ancient clay cup to our grandmothers’ calabash teapot, to the sophistication of today’s gentleman glass of class, we welcome you to our tea world, where we create a path for a better TEA-morrow.
TEA IS TIMELESS…Pass On The Avilan Tea Tradition!